Consulting medical facilities and practises on strategic decisions to help them reach their business objectives.

Whether it is creating capital opportunities through their medical real estate, selling an interest in their organization or growing through acquisition, Oceanside provides significant value to its clients at all stages.

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Real Estate Consulting

Our team of analysts work hand in hand with brokers to evaluate medical properties on a national scale. The medical real estate team services clients through technology with a commitment to growing and preserving client wealth and adding value to their investment strategy.

Acquisitions | 1031 Exchange

Through our prospecting, we’re constantly finding new opportunities both on and off the market, resulting in numerous opportunities to expand your portfolio. Our medical real estate team generates comprehensive 1031 exchange analysis that allow our clients to weigh all investment options before moving forward with an acquisition or disposition.

Operator Acquisitions

Through our prospecting, we will find business and real estate sellers. These are great opportunities to discover conversion projects or acquire new businesses. There is value creation in separating the real estate and converting it to net lease assets, which can in-turn fund your business acquisitions.




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